The 'complete' laser hair removal reference library


  • Decent collection of videos


  • It doesn’t actually transform your monitor into a laser machine

Not bad

You will be disappointed to know that with this application you can’t actually get any of your hair removed. I know, what a pity. Actually, LaserHairRemoval just provides information, videos with pros and cons and many links to get updated on the technology and maybe share your experience.

Technically speaking, I’m sorry to say that this application doesn’t add a lot to what you can probably get with an online search on YouTube and by browsing some forums. Some of the videos are even unavailable and the information is not properly organised. You can read some interesting articles, but you would be able to find them anyway, without this software. In any case, it’s a collection of opinions, experiences and information you might need to read before deciding to undergo a contemporary Jedi light saber.

Although this application is nothing more than a collection of badly organised information about hair laser removal, some of the content can be worth reading and viewing before going to the doctor.

With this rise in the number of hair removal treatments being performed, you’d think it would be easier to find consistent, reliable laser hair removal information. What’s interesting is that while the advent of new laser hair removal technology is certainly a good thing for consumers, this technology “boom” also means that anything written about laser hair removal one day could become obsolete the next. Also, laser hair removal facts tend to differ depending on the sources you're viewing: Those affiliated with laser manufacturers or those sources that offer unbiased consumer information.

With this in mind, Hair Removal Forum has put together a handy guidebook with information based on the research and findings of third party clinical studies. You'll find a number of useful topics, including laser technology, science, laser hair removal and dark skin types, popular treatment areas, and more.




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